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Reprinted with permission of the Takoma Voice, printed December, 1998.

Once upon a time in Takoma Park

Street names and numbers have changed over the years, especially with reference to streets and avenues. Named streets in the District are "streets;" in Takoma Park, Md., they are "avenues." We hope you will join the Takoma Voice and Historic Takoma, Inc.'s ongoing search for new historical information on Takoma Park commerce and buildings.

The 20s and 30s in Takoma, DC

Cedar, Blair Road

  • Dome Oil Co.
  • Watkins Apartment House
4th & Butternut
  • Takoma Theater
  • Old Colony Laundry Co."We wash everything but the baby" [behind the Takoma Theater]
  • Isaac Bigelow Roofing
300 Butternut
  • Casey Motor Company [empty lot]
401 Butternut
  • Israel Gritz Shoes and Furnishings
6900 4th
  • Davis & Platt Contractors, later The Takoma Enterprise [4th Street Market]
6904 4th
  • Kaufman's Bakery [National Electric]
6908 4th
  • Pioneer Press, owner Frank Skinner [Thomas & Lee Cabinetry]
6910 4th
  • Takoma Taylor
6912 4th
  • H. O. Albans 5 to $1 Store[Urban Arts Cafe]
6916 4th
  • Park Inn Lunch [Takoma Station]
302 Cedar Street
  • Walter J. Pugh Furniture & Radios
317-319 Cedar St.
  • Takoma Bowling Alleys
323 Cedar St.
  • J.W. Simpson & Son Meats & Vegetables
335 Cedar St.
  • Feldman's Department Store ("Union suits. ... ladies cadet silk hosiery").
341 Cedar St.
  • O. W. Youngblood's Hardware
5th and Cedar
  • Takoma, DC. Library. Built in 1919.
6000 Blair Road
  • Southern Building Supply Co. [empty lot]
Carroll & Cedar -"The Point"
359 Cedar St.
  • Mattingly Pharmacy (Takoma Park's first drug store)
  • E. K. Richardson & Co.
  • LaScola's Deli
  • Bailey Building built on site of Warren's Stationery Store in 1924
  • Kestler's Barber Shop
18 Carroll St.
  • Pansey's Beauty Shop, later Hirsta Bros. Deli & Cafe
32 Carroll St.
  • Anthony Grubb Real Estate (also Takoma Journal)
32 Carroll St.
  • Takoma Sheet Metal Works
Carroll St.
  • Acme Market [Takoma Funeral Home]
Carroll St.
  • Restaurant/Deli
249 Carroll St.
  • Dr. Parson's House [Takoma Funeral Home parking]
269 Carroll St.
  • Glickman's Market
300 Carroll St.
  • The Follmer House [India House]
304 Carroll St.
  • Modern Shoe Repair
Carroll St.
  • Glickman's Amoco Station
Carroll St.
  • Castle Barber Shop
266 Carroll St.
  • Friedrich's Cleaners, 1947
Carroll St.
  • a bakery

Takoma Park, Maryland in the 20s and 30s

21 Laurel Ave

  • Park Bakery and Luncheon
33 Laurel Ave
  • Park Pharmacy
37 Laurel Ave
  • Takoma Park Hardware
Laurel Ave
  • Safeway
Laurel Ave
  • Woolworth's
27 Carroll Ave
  • Sherman's Department Store [Shampoo]
Carroll Ave
  • Hendrix (Ford Motor Company) [Taliano's]
Carroll Ave
  • Driveway to Service Department [Chuck & Dave's]
Carroll Ave South
  • Electric Maid Bakery [Mark's Kitchen]
107 Carroll St.
  • E. V. Crittendon Paper Hanging
204 Carroll St.
  • Fred E. Dudley House [CVS Pharmacy]
212 Carroll St.
  • William Stuart House
Carroll at Maple
  • The first Takoma Park Bank Building, 1917 [Takoma Business Center]
Carroll at Willow Ave
  • Takoma Park Bank, 1927 [later Suburban Bank, now Nations Bank]
Carroll Ave
  • Citizens Bank Building, 1931, later with drive-through banking service
Eastern Ave
  • Takoma Review and Herald Building [Arise, et al]
Maple St.
  • Review and Herald Cafe (at rear of R & H Building)
Carroll & Willow Aves
  • Takoma Park Seventh-day Adventist Church (used on Sundays by Takoma Park Christian Church) [former Citizen's Bank parking lot]
Carroll & Tulip
  • Glickman's Esso Station
  • Sickler's Oil Service [now Savory]

Takoma's "half-way" stores in the 40s

Carroll Ave before Grant

  • Fetty's Public Address Systems [Takoma Letter Shop]
  • Roland Dawes Barbershop
  • Savage's Market [Kinetic Artistry]
  • Gas Station
7300 Carroll Ave
  • Manor Pharmacy, Sanitary Grocery [TJ's deli]
7303 Carroll Ave
  • Freddy's Deli
  • Hubbard Cleaner's
  • Greek Restaurant
  • Bakery "Butter Gems and Butter Pecan Rolls"
  • Frank's Realty
  • District Grocery Store (DGS) [Suds}
Carroll Ave on east side
  • Shell Gas [Takoma Junction Shelter and Park]
  • Safeway [later Turner Electric and now Takoma Park Silver Spring Food Coop]
  • Lot between Fire Station and Safeway used for Carnivals
  • Amoco Gas Station [Takoma Auto Clinic]
  • Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department

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